Relay Market Grows with Added Value Increased

Published: 15th March 2011
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In 2010, the total shipment of relay was decreased but the value of export was increased which means added value of relay was increased. In other words, relay with high added value increases its occupation of market share. High added value products in relay industry have been replacing imported products in some areas.

During the Twelfth Five Plan period, relay industry will come into a new stage. The shipment amount will keep growing and the quality will be of better performance. As promotion policy for ten major industries deepened and implemented, demand for relay and application areas are expanding at stable pace. Traditional electromechanical relay will keep 7%-8% growth; solid-state increase close to 15% and special relay will be increasing by 20% or more.

China gradually quickens pace to turn Strong Country in Manufacture into Strong Country in Creativity. To let exporting stimulates domestic demand then make profit both on aspects. It can be expected after high-end products upgraded, this trend will more obvious.

As we know, if enterprises want to upgrade, they must shift focus from products on quality and brand. Only products with excellent performance can obtain more orders and market share and to build better brand image so that make good profit. Brand image is a necessary requisite of sustainable development for enterprises, which will cultivate and generate core competitiveness.

The application fields for various special relays such as optical relay, temperature relay and high-frequency relay are continuously expanding. While domestic technology, products quality and capacity capability show a large span to satisfy the market need.

Therefore, China should make a significant progress towards the level of automated testing to advance capacity factor of automation engineering for manufacturing and assembly. In other words, in order to narrow the gap with some developed countries on manufacturing and techniques, we should focus on research and developing new products to adjust structure and create new market. The related integrated circuit is LPC2101FBD.

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